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My Cesspool Podcast

May 31, 2017

Contributors: J-Fauss, Biiiigah Jonny McSpraguer, & South Korea's Liar Badge Jong-Yong

BNN segment includes

Healthcare and its effects

Articles discussed

goths and ravens in the subway

tim tebow and other celebrities stalkers

kid possessed by ghost

guy was forced to eat his own testicle 

crazy prison stories 


May 30, 2017

Contributors: King Jim, The Braveheart Jonor McSpraguer, & Bobby Lashley's Secret Admirer Badger

topics include

Johns crippled trip to vegas and photos of his balls at his brothers wedding

Youtube keyboard warrior comments about our conspiracy podcast

white trash sportscenter boston edition 

a little bit of boxing a...

May 29, 2017

contributors: J-Fauss & The Inebriated Badger

Topics include:

badgers best friend is going to be a father and no one cares

stories about drunken criminals 

Segments Include:

BNN 15:59-44:16

WT sportscenter 45:16-55:38

Songs include J-Fauss "We Riot"

twitter @VoiceOfBadger @jfauss


May 28, 2017

Contributors: Flexington Steel & Kim Jong Badger

We sit and tell stories of the bar scene and our encounters with various women. We also tell the tale of our friend Mormon as he attempts to get with any female he can.

twitter @VoiceOfBadger @jfauss

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May 27, 2017

Cesspool 37 contributors: J-Fauss and The MOAB dropping Badger

Political podcast mostly discussing the conflict with North Korea and Chinas involvement. Plus what does the Badger think of global warming? Listen and find out......

twitter @VoiceOfBadger @jfauss

for more discussion on this podcast and more visit