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My Cesspool Podcast

May 9, 2017

#19 This show consists of a few follow ups on previous topics plus some new discussions. Contributors are Jfauss, Obi John Kenobi, and the "Democrat Killa" Badger Mullinix.


:22-5:47 War on drugs Mexico vs Philippines plus John wants public executions??

5:48-7:16 Badger loves Taiwan 

7:17-10:17 Badger on pizza gate

10:18-10:45 Update on Matt Sydal in Japanese prison

10:46-13:31 Can Badr Hari fuck any president he wants? Plus children competing in MMA in Chechnya 

13:32-18:51 What sports athletes do we wanna see compete in MMA? Plus we find out what QB John has a man crush on