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My Cesspool Podcast

May 20, 2017

My Cesspool #30           Contributors: J-Fauss, Badger, Arnold, & "The Wyandotte Colossus Fuck Ass" John Sprague

topics include 

Strange things TSA has confiscated , Jack rag or Jack sock?

Hunted was a stupid "reality show", Taken has overacting 

Lucid dreaming and hypnotizing in sports

Government waste book and are doctors trust worthy?

Badger and Jfauss share their police arrest/detained stories

twitters @jfauss @jargonsmith @VoiceOfBadger

Hip Hop Artist: Jet James at 56:51 "9" then "I Be"

jet james twitter @StilRealonaire 

also check out


flexington steel
over a year ago

im a jack rag kind of fella

over a year ago